This blog is primarily a tool for me to record my thoughts, ideas and beliefs in a public forum where they can be subjected to critique and constructive criticism. Because the main goals of this blog are things like solidifying my thoughts and improving my communication skills i can in no way guarantee that anything  I write here will be original, well written, good or worth reading.

Have you sufficiently lowered your expectations? Great! Read away.

Topics I write about on this blog include Philosophy, Rationality, Politics, Economics, and Sociology. Issues that I am particularly passionate about include Global Development, Animal Activism and Effective Altruism. I welcome polite, respectful discussion on everything I write about.

Not sure how to end this about section so here is my favourite quote of all time:

Maybe we’ll evolve to a point where fear as an experience is no longer instinctual but rather an emotion we use to enrich our understanding of why our human ancestors killed each other when they could have loved each other.

– Eyedea

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