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First Episode of My Podcast

I am experimenting with making a podcast. I am going for a 1 on 1 interview/conversation style trying to emulate podcasts like Econtalk and Hello Internets.The purpose of the podcast is similar to the purpose of this blog, to improve my communication skills, to help me reflect on my ideas and what I believe, to have a record of my past self to be able to clearly see my growth. Another motivation behind the podcast is to be able to able to have a social acceptable way to ask smart people I know to have fun intellectual conversations with me.

Because it is my first attempt i don’t feel the quality of the podcast (how i talk, saying like and umm, the editing etc.) is very high and definitely not the standard i eventually want ot reach but i am trying to¬† look at it from a Growth Mindset perspective using motivational phrases like “no one is good at something on their first try” and “I have learned a bunch of ways to make the next one better.”

I am going to aim for about one episode per month, but it depends on many factors (school work, blog writing, how long it takes me to edit) so it could easily be more or less than that. The working title is Empty Space which came from a joke during this first episode, but I may change that later too.

So anyway here it is, hope you enjoy, and as always constructive criticism very much welcome: